An Enchanted
Dining Experience

Because food is something we can perceive from all five senses, so Wang Hinghoi has put this idea to our place so that you can sense the dining experience in the heart of Bangkok. Here you will feel calm until all senses are fully switched on. It's not only the taste of food, but the atmosphere of the restaurant also make you feel closer to nature than you ever experience.

Ecology of life

At Wang Hinghoi, we believe that everyday life makes people yearning for the past and wants to be close to the nature. Wilderness and people can live together, so 1,000 meters of space are used according to the forest ecosystem to make people get closer to the nature and learn to live together with the forest and the city. With this concept, Wang Hinghoi is constructed by using steel as the main materials to be a representative of the city.

And there is ecosystem model in the central of our restaurant, so you can truly experience around 300 of the fireflies glittering during your meal. Fireflies are the representative of ecosystem fertility and reflect that people and wilderness can truly live together. Moreover, we have a Museum Shop that exhibits art gallery which is inspired by the concept "Elements of life" by Ajarn Somluk Punnaboon, a famous artist from Chiang Rai.

Food of life

At Wang Hinghoi, we believe that food is more than just experience. Therefore, during 18 months that we open will be divided into 5 themes under the concept of '4 Elements of Life' which will make you enjoy dining experience that can find nowhere else.

The elements of life, composed of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire are the inspiration to create the master course in which all ingredients will change in several themes at different times. The first theme will start with the Earth theme. If you do not want to miss the exotic experience to taste food. Reservations can be made at 091-979-6226 and